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[heading custom_color=”custom” subtitle=”USSD Solutions for Kenya and beyond” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″]USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) [/heading]

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) such as (*144#), which is generated on a mobile phone, that triggers an interactive menu to pop-up message on the handset.

Unstructured supplementary services data (USSD)
USSD services can be used for SMS Banking, Wap browsing, mobile-money services such as (EzyPesa) Mpesa in Tanzania, mPay in Poland, VIVO PayPal in Brazil, Airtel Money and Movida in India, SWAP mobile in South Africa, MobiPay in Spain, used for Pay bill services, among other interactive services.
Moreover, USSD Services can also be used through sending an SMS to trigger a particular USSD product, whereby the user can receive an instantaneous text message indicating that their transaction has been received and is being processed.
USSD sessions are initiated by a mobile phone user on their handset efficiently, and when coupled with the solutions Connect Media offers which are highly flexible, comprehensive and easy to use; allows us to break all barriers of communication and generate opportunities for our customers to promptly reach out to a global audience.

Please see the pricing for USSD:

Dedicated USSD Code


Type Cost
Test Bed KES 10,000 + 16% VAT
Set Up Cost KES 110,000 + 16% VAT
Pre-Paid Monthy Maintenance (User Pays to Access the Service) KES 45,000 + 16% VAT
Post-Paid Monthy Maintenance (You pay for the user to Access the Service) KES 45,000 + 16% VAT

Post-Paid costs per session (Only on Safaricom)

Basic Plan
KES 0 – 99,999
Plus Plan
KES 100,000 – 499,999
Premium Plan
KES 500,000 – 999,999
Max Plan
KES 1,000,000+
Safaricom KES 1.45 KES 1.45 KES 1.15 KES 1.15

Pre-Paid costs per session

#KES 1 per session (Safaricom)


Type Cost
Set Up Cost KES 100,000 + 16% VAT
Monthly Maintenance KES 38,000 + 16% VAT

Pre-Paid costs per session

#KES 4 per session (Airtel)


Type Cost
Set Up Cost KES 35,000 + 16% VAT
Monthly Maintenance KES 9,500 + 16% VAT

Pre-Paid costs per session

#KES 4 per session (Orange)

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”Generate Reports in Pdf, XML, Text, Etc”]Powerful Reporting [/heading]

Our USSD Solutions allow for Powerful Reporting Systems, that will keep tabs for you on all your day to day transactions, sessions on the USSD Portal.

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”Quick Set-Up ZERO FEEs”]Low Cost USSD [/heading]

Our LOW COST solutions will be easy to your pocket and we will allow you to have your USSD Services to be both Affordable and Profitable at the same time. From SET-Up to Launching of your service you will barely spend a dime, come and find out why we are the leading provider of USSD Services in the country.

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”Quick Cash”]Earn Money[/heading]

It’s your turn to earn a 5 digit Profit and above, this is the ONLY PLACE where you come and earn some serious cash from your USSD service. Our USSD Services will NOT be a burden to you, it will be a Revenue Generating activity for you and your company.

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”We develop your USSD applications FREE of Charge”]FREE USSD Applications[/heading]

We Develop all your USSD Applications FREE OF CHARGE, you will NOT need to dig back into your pocket to pay for USSD Applications that we will integrate with your ERP systems. As you may have NOTICED by now OUR SOLUTIONS are Very POCKET FRIENDLY.

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”We will host the service FREE of Charge”]We Host the Service for You[/heading]

We will host all your services and won’t have to invest in new hosting space that will result in unnecessary expenses that will be eating on your bottom line. Our state of the art hosting platform is very robust and reliable.

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”Our Services are secure and very robust”]Reliability[/heading]

We have secured our services behind state of the art firewalls and architecture that ensures our services are both secure and reliable, this allows you a peace of mind knowing your service is well safe-guarded.

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”Easy to Navigate”]Interactive Menu[/heading]

Our USSD Menus are very interactive and easy to navigate – with a Natural Flow, thus allowing users to be able to access your ussd service without a fuss, your clientele will NOT need to keep contacting Support for assistance, to access your services.

[heading custom_color=”custom” text_color_custom=”#ff4500″ subtitle=”Call US, Email, Live Support”]24- Hour Support[/heading]

Our service have around the clock support and whenever you need any assistance our team of experts from Technical support to Customer care agents will handle all your queries, with utmost care and understanding.

USSD solutions are synonymous with flash like messages, as USSD is able to generate flash like messages that pop up on the screen that are not essentially stored on the mobile phone as such, leading to the user having to make the most for a particular message when the have access to it during a USSD Session.
Unstructured supplementary services data (USSD)
Consequently, the user will only have access to the messages only when they are within a USSD Session. A USSD session can last anywhere from a couple of seconds to a prolonged period of time, dependent on the user’s need and resources in form airtime.
All GSM handsets supports USSD technology and all is required is for a mobile subscriber such as Vodafone, virgin mobile, 02, T-mobile, Safaricom, Three, AT&T, Airtel, Verizon Wireless, Yu and Orange to implement it.
USSD is a session oriented technology that is similar to SMS as it allows one to receive and send text messages and only. USSD technology is easy to incorporate into one’s everyday life by instituting interactive products that all mobile subscribers can get to utilize.
One of the most technological advantages of USSD technology is that USSD is available in roaming networks and users USSD messages can be aimed at the subscriber’s home network. The success of USSD can be demonstrated by the success Vodafone had with adopting it in Tanzania through the implementation of Mpesa, where in a year a million customers transferred a whopping $12.8 Million per month, mostly got so popular due to its ease of use and simplicity.

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