Premium SMS

Premium Rate Services (PRSP) – Kenya
Premium rate services (PRSP) are a form of micro-payment for making payment for content in the form of Premium SMS, data services and value added services that are subsequently charged to your telephone bill. They tend to cost more than a normal phone call or text message. They usually operate on numbers with five digit mobile text short codes.
The premium rate industry incorporates a diverse number of services such as:


  • Mobile games;
  • Competitions and quizzes;
  • On live T.v and Radio shows
  • Entertainment;
  • Chat services;
  • SMS Short Codes;
  • Internet Dial-Up Services; and
  • Live or Virtual Chat Services.

Subscribe to Premium SMS Service

Sending an SMS from your mobile phone, to a particular short-code number via SMS.
Visiting our website, then positively responding to a return SMS via SMS especially for our dating service.Receiving a call from an IVR [interactive voice response], pressing a number on the keypad, then positively responding to a return SMS (which contains service cost/frequency information) via SMS.

Unsubscribe from a Premium SMS Service

To cancel a Premium SMS subscription, use one of the following options:

  • Reply using the word ‘STOP’ to the number you’re receiving the messages from


Premium rate SMS provides flexibility for marketing (Premium SMS Marketing) via media from magazines and TV through to on-pack promotional campaigns Competitions are run via premium rate phone numbers in phone-to-win competitions, or via premium SMS in text-to-win competitions. The consumer sends a displayed keyword into the associated short code for a chance to win an advertised prize. Their mobile phone bill is then charged at the advertised tariff.

  SMS Text Chat

Bulk and Premium SMS
Text and phone dating offering subscribers the ability to meet and chat anonymously.Text Chat services are widely used by the dating and adult industries.

·         SMS Subscription

A wide array of SMS subscription services which come in the form of content are available for our customers at the touch of a button, one only needs to send an SMS (Short message service),/ Text
Message containing a Keyword to a particular short code for them to receive their content.

·         SMS Voting platforms

Our SMS Voting solution, based on Voting service in our SMS Voting platforms enables us to create various types of attractive SMS voting events – surveys, opinion polls, quizzes, etc. This can be carried out on air either througha radio station or a T.V. station, where the listeners and viewers respectively will get engaged directly on the show.

·         SMS and MMS Content

Our Clients will receive content both through SMS and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) messages, which will be are sent using a combination of SMS and WAP technologies. The content is billed through a mobile subscriber as the client receives their particular content of the choice. SMS and MMS Content including ringtones, pictures, videos, audio and slide shows can be delivered to mobiles when a consumer texts the order code or name.