Smart SMS Solutions


We offer a variety of high quality services that span across all business sectors.
IVR allows our customers to interact with a company’s host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the IVR dialogue. IVR systems can respond with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed.

IVR applications can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple interactions. IVR systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes.IVR technology is also being introduced into automobile systems for hands-free operation. Current deployment in automobiles revolves around satellite navigation, audio and mobile phone systems.

SMS Voting Platforms, SMS based competitions, Mobile SMS chat and dating SMS services, text alerts such as breaking news alerts, sports updates, weather reports, all at the convinience of your finger tips. We are also excited to introduce to you the “Iconnector”, a revolutionary Mobile Dating system powered solely by SMS.
Additionally, our instant messaging services such as bulk mobile SMS (Short Message Service) and bulk MMS (Multimedium Message Service) give you the power to nudge, whisper, and alert people on a mass scale, instantly. We have an unrivalled ability to communicate at any moment, with millions of people, all at your command, just get in touch with us.
We also offer SMS based services such as Bulk SMS services, breaking news alerts, Dating SMS services, competitions on the Internet and on mobile, SMS advertising solutions and similar services.We also offer entertainment services to mobile phone users for example, logos, wallpapers, ringtones,Premium SMS, mobile games, trivia Subscriptions,etc. Our services are aimed at enhancing our consumers’ experience and they come in shapes and form.
Business Process Management and Internal Administration, Services such as competitions on the Internet, advertising and similar services. Moreover in regards to SMS Marketing – We develop much needed tools for mobile SMS marketing solutions to send instant SMS text to promote products, new product launches, new product promotion campaigns, etc.
Business – We help business people to intimate their customers about payment alerts, shipment notifications, order status updates, office holiday details, seasonal greetings, price hick notifications, offers notification etc.
Human Resource Management – We help HR managers to intimate their staffs about emergency meetings, holiday announcements, salary notifications, interview calls, etc.
Education – We aid educational institutions like schools & colleges to intimate about the examination dates and results, general circular for parents, special class announcements etc. Additionally, in regards to Hospitals and similar organizations – We also offer solutions for hospitals to alert their patient about their treatment follow ups and much more.