Mission and Values

Our mission is to unlock the potential of technological advances to improve the quality of life for our customers. On the other hand, our vision and values aims to inspire and make a difference in the world around us with our premium rate services. Our Corporate values dictate that we engage with our stakeholders transparently and openly at all times in the course of doing business.
We at Connect Media Interactive believe that the only way to do so would only by instilling the virtues of integrity, honesty, hard-work, teamwork into our core values. The outcome of which leads to customer satisfaction, as we are dedicated into serving our customers with the utmost professionalism. Moreover, upholding a quality services in all our endeavors is also an integral core principle in our make-up that drives Connect Media Interactive into new heights.
Connect Media Interactive aims at ensuring that it is on the forefront of being a leading light in mobile innovations in the country, as it has demonstrated in the past through its innovative product and solutions. We are very committed in rolling out high quality product portfolio that effectively meet the needs of our broad customer base, at the same time being consistent in offering the best experiences to our customers. This is though empowering our workers to take initiative and be innovative in the course of their work, as we continue to lead from the front in the telecommunication industry. We are very passionate in what we do and in meeting our customer needs, through delivering to them what they need, whenever they need it. We take much pride in offering an excellent professional service that meets any global yard-stick, and we are very humbled in upholding it.

We will-

  Always conduct ourselves with integrity and meet our customers needs, and we are accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work.
  We will deliver superior and innovative premium rate services.
  We will deliver customer satisfaction, as we are dedicated to satisfying our customers.
  We take responsibility for quality, and our services will be the best in terms of the value our customers receive, for services rendered.
  Always act with speed in response to our stakeholder needs.
  Always communicate openly with all the stakeholders involved.
  We are renown for offering high quality and reliable premium rate services in the market, which is due to a litany of strategic assets at our disposal. This allows us to fully meet the diverse array of our customers’ needs; on a timely and consistent basis.
  Our reliable and high quality services are well complemented by:
A Knowledgeable and friendly staff that empathizes with our consumers’ needs and circumstances.
  Policies that meet and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.
  Strategic alliances with all industry related business partners, which we have built and maintained over the years.
  Adopted a customer and market focused sales and marketing paradigm.
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